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Architecting Cloudnative Apps

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Architecting Cloud-Native .NET Apps For Azure

This guide begins by defining cloud native and introducing a reference application built using cloud-native principles and technologies. Beyond these first two chapters, the rest of the book is broken up into specific chapters focused on topics common to most cloud-native applications. You can jump to any of these chapters to learn about cloud-native approaches to:

  • Data and data access
  • Communication patterns
  • Scaling and scalability
  • Application resiliency
  • Monitoring and health
  • Identity and security
  • DevOps

Feel free to forward this document or links to its online version to your team to help ensure common understanding of these topics. Most of these topics benefit from a consistent understanding of the underlying principles and patterns, as well as the trade-offs involved in decisions related to these topics. Our goal with this document is to equip teams and their leaders with the information they need to make well-informed decisions for their applications’ architecture, development, and hosting.


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